2014/15 Theoretical Physics Seminars and Colloquia

Wednesday Liverpool High Energy Theory Divisional Seminars

Seminars take place at 1pm on Wednesdays in the Chris Michael Seminar Room 117, 1st Floor TP wing, Mathematical Sciences building unless indicated. We usually go to lunch with the speaker to Vine Court before the seminar at noon.

First Term:

Second Term:

Third Term:

Click on the speakers name for a list of publications or their titles to see their abstracts.
Seminar Organisers: Hasan Sonmez, Ahmet Kokulu and Thomas Teubner.

Tuesday String Seminars

The weekly String Phenomenology Group seminars take place on Tuesdays at noon, in the Chris Michael Seminar Room 117, 1st Floor TP Wing, Mathematical Sciences building.

Seminars in Physics

The Liverpool HEP group seminars are also held on Wednesday afternoons at 14:30 in the Barkla Lecture Theatre in the Chadwick Building.

Past Seminars

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