Watch this space!

Maths Club is now finished for 2021-22. We expect to return in September 2022 with monthly meetings on the University campus. Provisional dates will be posted here when they are known.


23rd April 2022  Prepare For Trouble! And Make It Dobble! - The Plane Simple Maths Behind Dobble - Dr Ellis Rintoul
 Maths in a Twist - Dr Colin Wright
26th March 2022  Tomography, Sudokus, the Beatles, and a Centuries-Old Problem in Number Theory - Dr Andreas Alpers
 How Far The Moon? - Dr Colin Wright
26th February 2022  Be a Winner - Optimal Strategies in Games - Professor Rodi Herzberg
 Gini's Tree Wishes: Random Forests and Why They Are (Very) Useful - Dr Sam Tickle
29th January 2022  Recurrence Relations and the Fibonacci Numbers - Alessio Kandiah & Postgraduate Outreach Group
 Count Like An Egyptian - Dr Anna Pratoussevitch
27th November 2021  Investing in Your Future - Rhys Wells
 Science is Cool - Sarah Annand
30th October 2021  Multiplication of Numbers in Different Bases to a High Degree of Precision - Dr David Lewis
 An Elevator Pitch for Group Theory - Dr Colin Wright
24th April 2021  Zoom Maths Club - Using Mathematics to Put Humans on Mars (or not) - Dr Ian Thompson
 Zoom Maths Club - Numbers and Recurrent Relations - Dr Oleg Karpenkov
27th March 2021  Zoom Maths Club - It *IS* Only Rocket Science! - Jorge Romero
27th February 2021  Zoom Maths Club - Reflections on a Laser Beam - Professor Rodi Herzberg
 Zoom Maths Club - Spot the Difference - Dr Graham Reeve
30th January 2021  Zoom Maths Club - So Your Treatment Doesn't Work: How to Lie with Statistics - Dr Mary Fortune
 Zoom Maths Club - Of Dice and Gen(eration) of Random Numbers - Dr Sam Tickle
28th November 2020  Zoom Maths Club - Ding-dong Merrily on High - Ringing the Changes the Scientific Way - Professor Helen Aspinall
 Zoom Maths Club - ChrisMATHS Dragon Quiz - Mr Chris Marchant & Maths Outreach Team
31st October 2020  Zoom Maths Club - Areas of Polygons and Applications - Professor Peter Giblin OBE
 Zoom Maths Club - The Weird and Wonderful World of the Infinite - Dr David Lewis
26th September 2020  Zoom Maths Club - Pythagorean Tuning and Equal Temperament - Mr Damian Haigh
 Zoom Maths Club - Am I Positive? - Mr Niall Thompson
29th February 2020  Quantum Cryptography - Professor Kurt Langfeld
 Extinction Recalculation - Predicting the Future using Branching Processes - Dr Sam Tickle
25th January 2020  A Mathematician's Journey into the Marvellous World of Microscopic Swimmers & Crawlers - Professor Rachel Bearon
 Brussels Sprouts - Dr Joel Haddley
30th November 2019  Counting Functions - Professor Peter Giblin OBE
 Decision Trees - Sue Harkness
26th October 2019  Binary Arithmetic - Counting in Ones - Dr Robin McLean
 Complex Numbers for Fun and Profit - Dr Colin Wright
28th September 2019  Fake Paradoxes - Dr Oleg Karpenkov
 Science is Cool - Sarah Annand
27th April 2019  Water Measuring, Skew Billiards and Euclid's Algorithm - Dr David Lewis
 Cryptography, Starting Where Others Finish - Dr Colin Wright
30th March 2019  Graph Theory - Dr Oleg Karpenkov
 Fractals - Barry Grantham
23rd February 2019  Fibonacci Representations - Professor Peter Giblin OBE
 Paradoxes in Statistics and Probability - Dr Alexei Piunovskiy
26th January 2019  Playing with Positive Polynomials - Dr Robin McLean
 Moebius: Beyond the Strip - Dr Joel Haddley
24th November 2018  Untangle the Tangle - Dr Anna Pratoussevitch
 What's in a Number? - Dr Ian Thompson
27th October 2018  Reading Between the Lies: Maths vs Fake News - Sam Tickle
 Taking Square Roots in a New Direction - Dr Colin Wright
29th September 2018  Counting with Catalan - Professor Peter Giblin OBE
 Continued Fractions - Dr Alena Haddley
21st April 2018  Linear Programming - Dr David Lewis
 Real Analysis via Puzzles - Dr Colin Wright
24th March 2018  TBC - Dr Daniel Colquitt
 Mathematics of Infinity - Dr Alexei Piunovskiy
24th February 2018  Sequences - Dr Graham Reeve
 Markov My Words - Sam Tickle
27th January 2018  Integer Calculus - Dr Joel Haddley
 Finite Arithmetic and Latin Squares - Dr Robin McLean
25th November 2017  Ding-dong Merrily on High - Ringing the Changes the Scientific Way - Professor Helen Aspinall
 Modelling Ferris Wheels - Sue Harkness
28th October 2017  Invariants - Dr Oleg Karpenkov
 Tackling an Impossible Problem - Dr Colin Wright
30th September 2017  So Your Treatment Doesn't Work: How to Lie with Statistics - Dr Mary Fortune
 Remainders, Consecutive Whole Numbers and Card Surprises - Professor Peter Giblin
22nd April 2017  The Logistic Equation and Chaos - David Lewis
 TBC - Colin Wright
25th March 2017  Paradoxical Paradoxes - Daniel Colquitt
 Continued Fractions - Barry Grantham
25th February 2017  Dungeon Master's Dice (and other probability problems) - Ian Thompson
 The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg and other Networks - Lonnie Readioff
28th January 2017  Magic Rectangles - Joel Haddley
 Needle in the World Wide Haystack - Anna Pratoussevitch
26th November 2016  Modelling with Mathematics - Sue Harkness
 Simple Additive Number Theory - David Lewis
29th October 2016  How Symmetrical is Your Cuboid? - Robin McLean
 Necessary vs Sufficient - Colin Wright
1st October 2016  Cookies - Peter Giblin
 A Hard Sell? - Sam Tickle
30th April 2016  Problems on Minimal Distances - Oleg Karpenkov
 Paradoxes in Statistics and Probability - Alexei Piunovskiy
19th March 2016  Coxeter Number Friezes - Robin McLean
27th February 2016  The Quickest Path to an A* - MATH291 students
 Playing with Permutations - MATH291 students
30th January 2016  Gray Coding - Joel Haddley
 How to Make Perfect Toast and Become Infinitely Wealthy - Sam Tickle
28th November 2015  Conjugate Numbers, Irrational Numbers and Pell's Equation - Peter Giblin
31st October 2015  Who is the Greatest? Definition Problems in Mathematics and Elsewhere - Ian Thompson
 Understanding functions through curve sketching - Mark Holland
19th September 2015  Ready, SET, Go! - Anna Pratoussevitch
28th March 2015  The (Five) Most Beautiful Minds - Sam Tickle
28th February 2015  Binary Arithmetic - Counting in Ones - Robin McLean
 Iteration and Geometric Fractals - Alex Gheorghiu
31st January 2015  Maths's Greatest Unsolved Puzzles - Katie Steckles
29th November 2014  Completing Magic Squares - Peter Giblin
25th October 2014  Water Measuring, Skew Billiards and Euclid's Algorithm - David Lewis
 Fun with Finite Sets - Joel Haddley
20th September 2014  Coding Theory - Eloise Hattersley
 Bayes' Theorem and Conditional Probability in the Real World - Mary Fortune
29th March 2014  How to Make Natural Numbers - Steve Feller
 It's About Time - Sam Tickle
22nd February 2014  Building Trees and Crossing Rivers - Search in Artificial Intelligence - Katie Atkinson
 Modelling Decay - Lonnie Readioff
25th January 2014  Modelling Ferris Wheels - Sue Harkness
 From Coin Tossings to Combinations - Mark Holland
30th November 2013  An Introduction to Vector Fields (or "How to Comb a Coconut") - Joel Haddley
 Reasoning Under Uncertainty: An Introduction to Probability Theory - Ben Pace
26th October 2013  Counting - Peter Giblin
 Maths with a Twist - Colin Wright
21st September 2013  The Logistic Equation and Chaos - David Lewis
 Logic: The Age of Reasoning - Iain Carson
27th April 2013  Getting Lost in 2000 Dimensions - Colin Wright
 Who Is Afraid Of Large Numbers? - Radu Tatar
23rd March 2013  Recurrence Relations - Yyanis Johnson-Llambias
 The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg and other Networks - Lonnie Readioff
23rd February 2013  How to Multiply - Elliott Tjia
 Exploration of Curves - Robert Jones and Miriam Stevens
26th January 2013  How to play Liar's Poker - David Lewis
 A Plausible Approach Towards Statistical Process Control - Ken McKelvie
24th November 2012  Reciprocal Prime Magic Squares - Joel Haddley
 Sums of Squares - Peter Giblin
27th October 2012  Communication of Mathematics - Stephanie Burton
 Complexity Theory, P vs NP, Graph 3 Colouring, and the Million Dollar Prize - Colin Wright
29th September 2012  To Infinity and Beyond - Adam Casey
 Chessboards - Mary Fortune
31st March 2012  'QI' Maths and Geometric Means - Ken McKelvie
26th November 2011  Multiplication Tables - Peter Giblin
29th January 2011  Duads, Synthemes and Totals - Ian Porteous
27th November 2010  Graphs, Trees and Brussels Sprouts - Peter Giblin
 Exploration of digit patterns in outcomes of selected calculations - Ken McKelvie
27th March 2010  Stepping Stones to Streetwise Statistics - Ken McKelvie
24th November 2007  Counting - Peter Giblin
22nd September 2007  Matrices with MAPLE - David Lewis
 Interesting Paper-Folding Diversions - Mary Fortune and Jon Tims
24th February 2007  The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg and other Networks - Lonnie Readioff
27th January 2007  Evaluation of new FunMaths Roadshow material - Ken McKelvie
28th October 2006  Universal Cycles - Peter Giblin, with assistance from Chris Marchant
29th April 2006  Matrices - Jon Tims
26th November 2005  Expected Values - Ken McKelvie
24th September 2005  Probability and The Law - Grahame Settle
26th February 2005  Ringing the Changes - Martin Bright
29th January 2005  Transforming Spaces, Transforming Shapes - Ken McKelvie
30th October 2004  Astounding Wonders of Indian Mathematics - Satish Malik
28th February 2004  Circular Motion and the Cardioid - Ian Porteous
31st January 2004  Stages in Problem Solving - What to do when stuck! - It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it... - Ken McKelvie
29th November 2003  Some Mathematical Puzzles - David Lewis
 Challenging Problems from Moscow III - Vladimir Zakalyukin
1st November 2003  The Weird and Wonderful World of the Infinite - David Lewis
26th April 2003  Latin Squares and Groups - Shaine Bushell
 Perennial Primes - Asoke Nandi
29th March 2003  An Introduction to Curve Sketching - Mark Holland
 Codes - Chris Sawer
22nd February 2003  Magic Squares of Order 4 - Ian Porteous
 Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions - Satish Malik
25th January 2003  The Modulus Function and some applications - David Lewis
 Seeing is Believing - Ken McKelvie
23rd November 2002  Dividing Up Triangles - Peter Giblin
26th October 2002  Advice on Hanging Pictures - Fred Bloore
 Challenging Problems from Moscow II - Vladimir Zakalyukin
27th April 2002  Towers of Hanoi - Özgür and Alana Selsil
23rd March 2002  Sequences and Series - Satish Malik
23rd February 2002  Sums of Distances - Peter Giblin
 Traditional Japanese Geometry - John Rigby
26th January 2002  Complex Numbers and Quadratic & Cubic Forms - Ian Porteous
 Years, Calendars and Continued Fractions - Chris Sawer
15th December 2001  From Maxima & Minima to Surface Shape - Peter Giblin
24th November 2001  Challenging Problems from Moscow I - Vladimir Zakalyukin
27th October 2001  Snowflakes and Other Fractals - Peter Giblin
29th September 2001  Knot Theory - Toby Hall
28th April 2001  Constructions with Circles - Peter Giblin
 Surreal Numbers - Mark Hollingworth
24th March 2001  The Circle Method - Mark Hollingworth
10th March 2001  Quadrature - Mark Hollingworth
 Rollers - Mark Hollingworth
24th February 2001  Circles Through Two or Three Points - Peter Giblin
 Getting Close to the Square Root of Two - Victor Flynn
27th January 2001  Iteration and Spider Diagrams - Chris Sawer
 Lines and Circles - Ian Porteous
25th November 2000  Tangent Circles - Peter Giblin
28th October 2000  Cutting a Region in half; and some Trigonometric Equations - Sasha Movchan and Peter Giblin
29th June 2000  Tangles, Fractions and Factors - Mark Hollingworth