"Meet Your Neighbour"
Half Day Meeting


University of Liverpool, 23rd October 2013


1300 John Dainton Particle experiment @ Liverpool
1330 Jim Hinton Multi-messanger Astronomy and the CTA Project
1400 Carole Mundell The Dynamic and Explosive Universe
1430 Anupam Mazumdar Inflation after Planck
1500 Break
1530 Martin Gorbahn Particle theory @ Liverpool
1550 Shiho Kobayashi Massive Black Holes, Tidal Disruption Events and Hypervelocity Stars (movie)
1610 Bhupal Dev Ultra-high energy neutrino events at IceCube: Implications for the Standard Model and Beyond
1630 Ernestas Pukartas The Matters of Dark Matters
1650 Amjad Ashoorioon Gravitational Waves from Preheating around the Supersymmetric Vacuum in Matrix Inflation
1710 Ryan Wilkinson CMB angular power spectrum & Dark Matter-photon interactions

The meeting will take place in the Chris Michael Seminar Room (TP117) in the Mathematical Sciences Building. For travel directions please follow: How to reach us?

Local Organizers

Alon Faraggi, Viraf Mehta and Tomáš Ježo