Welcome to the website of the String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology Group in the Division of Theoretical Physics at the University of Liverpool.

Here you will find a description of our research interests and links to our recent publications, our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, seminar announcements, opening positions, some practical information about how to get here and to help your staying with us and last but not least a few selected links to useful physics sites on the web. You can also find the courses offered to PhD students in 2022/23.


26th June String Theory and BSM Seminar
Louis Hamiade, "Black Hole Information from Gravitational Waves and Dilaton Couplings in Cosmological Surveys"
Abstract: We study the classical and quantum black hole information in gravitational waves from a black hole's history. We review the necessary concepts regarding quantum information in many-body systems to motivate information retrieval and content in gravitational waves. We then show the first step in an optimal information retrieval strategy is to search for information in gravitational waves, compared to searching for correlations in Hawking radiation. We argue a large portion of the information of the initial collapsing state may be in the gravitational waves. Using the Zerilli equation for particles falling radially into Schwarzschild black holes, we then describe a method to retrieve full classical information about infalling sources, including masses, infall times and angles. Finally, I will present the requirements for modelling ultralight dilaton couplings to the SM in cosmological surveys analytically and the new coupling bounds which can be subsequently found by harnessing long integration times.
Postponed Distinguished Barkla Lecture in Theoretical Physics
Ignacio Cirac, "Quantum computing and simulation with errors",
Wolf Prize Winner for his work on Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
Past Barkla Lectures

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 1 pm String Theory and BSM seminar
Wednesday 1 pm Fundamental Particle Physics seminar
2 pm Student Seminars
Thursday 10:30 am Lectures on "Model Building in Heterotic String Orbifolds"
3 pm Strings Journal Club
Friday 2 pm Theory meeting

Recent papers


Our former PhD students, Dr.Benjamin Percival, Dr.Flavio Tonioni and Dr.Jamie Rogers have just had their official graduation. They have successfully completed their studies with us on

Classification of Non-Supersymmetric Heterotic String Vacua
Fundamental and Phenomenological Aspects of Anti-D-Brane Supersymmetry Breaking
Quiver vacua geometry and fermions on branes

Congratulations! We wish you the best for your future endeavours.

A Short Introduction to String Theory

Thomas Mohaupt

Suitable for graduate students in physics and mathematics, this book presents a concise and pedagogical introduction to string theory. Ideal for either self-study or a one semester graduate course, A Short Introduction to String Theory is an essential resource for students studying string theory, containing examples and homework problems to develop understanding, with fully worked solutions available to instructors.


Our group is located in the Mathematical Sciences building at the University of Liverpool:

Theoretical Physics Cluster
Mathematical Sciences Building
Peach Street
Liverpool, L69 7ZL

The department can be found as building 206 on the university campus map. Once in the Mathematical Sciences building follow the signs to the Theoretical Physics Cluster. You can also find all the contacts of specific members of the String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology Group here.