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String Theory Seminar

We have weekly reunions on Tuesday starting at 1pm in the Seminar Room (117), 1st Floor, Mathematical Sciences building.

The meetings include discussions of recent papers, discussions with visitors, seminars etc.

The seminar schedule for the current term is:

Second term.


  • 13th April - Thomas Grimm (Utrecht) , "Reconstructing a finite flux landscape"
  • 16th March - Timo Weigand (Heidelberg), " Tensionless Strings in Four Dimensions and the Swampland"
  • 9th March - Horia Nicolaescu (Liverpool), "Observing Invisible Axions with Gravitational Waves"
  • 2nd March - Quentin Bonnefoy (DESY), "A swampland view on large black hole masses and large spacetime dimensions"
  • 23rd February - Benjamin Percival (Liverpool), "Classifying Z_2 x Z_2 Orbifolds and SAT/SMT Solvers"
  • 15th February - Ivano Basile (Leuven), "On string vacua without supersymmetry"
  • 19th January - Flavio Tonioni (Liverpool), "Developments in Misaligned Supersymmetry"
  • 12th January - Harold Erbin (Turin), "Machine learning for complete intersection Calabi-Yau manifolds"
  • 5th January - Justin Kaidi (Stony Brook), "Adventures in Non-Supersymmetric String Theory"

  • First term.

  • 15th December - Niccolo' Cribiori (Vienna), "Swampland constraints on de Sitter from 10d and 4d"
  • 8th December - Kostas Skenderis (Southampton), "Holography for the very early Universe"
  • 1st December - Nikolaos E. Mavromatos (King's College, London), "String-Inspired effective theories with gravitational anomalies and running vacuum in cosmology"
  • 24th November - Saul Ramos-Sanchez (Mexico U.), "An eclectic approach for the flavor (symmetry) problem"
  • 17th November - Manki Kim (Cornell University), "Conifold Vacua with Small Flux Superpotential"
  • 10th November - Daniel Junghans (Harvard University), "Control issues of KKLT"
  • 3rd November - Eran Palti (Ben Gurion University), "Supersymmetric Protection and the Swampland"
  • 27th October - Gabriele Franciolini (Geneva University), "Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational Wave Observations"
  • 20th October - Emilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique), "String Defects, Supersymmetry and the Swampland"
  • 13th October - Alessandro Podo (Columbia U.), "Models of composite dark matter "
  • 6th October - Fotis Farakos (Padua), "Goldstino evaporation and de Sitter decay"

  • Archives of previous years can be found here.


    Theoretical Physics Student Seminar

    This is the seminar series run by the Theoretical Physics PhD students.

    Usual schedule: Meetings take place at 12pm on Fridays in Room 106, 1st Floor, Mathematical Sciences building.

    The seminar schedule for the curent term is:

    First term.

  • TBA - TBA, "TBA"

  • Archives of previous years can be found here.


    Workshops @ Liverpool

    "String Inflation After Planck" workshop, Liverpool, September 7-9 2016

    "Meet Your Neighbour" Half Day Meeting, Liverpool, October 23 2013
    "String Phenomenology and Dynamical Vacuum Selection" workshop, Liverpool, March 27-29 2008
    "UKBSM 2007 - Annual Meeting of the UK BSM Community" workshop, Liverpool, March 29-30 2007