String Theory Seminar

We have weekly meetings on Tuesday starting at 1pm in the Seminar Room (117), 1st Floor, Mathematical Sciences building.

The meetings include discussions of recent papers, discussions with visitors, seminars etc. You can find the list of seminars for the current year below.

First term

11th October Anton Sokolov (Liverpool), Electromagnetic couplings of axions
18th October Alon Faraggi (Liverpool), Spinor-vector duality and the swampland
25th October Stefan Groot-Nibbelink (Rotterdam), The fate of discrete torsion on resolved heterotic orbifolds
1st November Kajal Singh (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.), Moduli Stabilisation and Statistics of Low Energy Physics in String Landscape
8th November Juri Smirnov (Liverpool), Celestial Bodies as Dark Laboratories: New Signatures of Ancient Relics
15th November Iosif Bena (Saclay), The Tadpole Problem
22th November Carlos Blanco (Princeton), Detecting Dark Matter with Quantum Dots
29th November Veronica Pasquarella (Cambridge), Holographic Interpretation of 2D Vacuum Transitions

Archives of previous years can be found here. You can also find our seminar series on the Inspire.

Student Seminars

This is the seminar series run by the PhD students.

We meet at 3pm on Wednesdays in the Seminar Room (117), 1st Floor, Mathematical Sciences building.

Second term*

1st February Farid Ibrahimov, TBA
8th February Marco Serra, TBA
15th February Alonzo Diaz, TBA
22nd February Maxime M├ędevielle, TBA
1st March Eman Basaad, TBA
8th March Joaquim Gomes, TBA
15th March Bruno Bento, TBA
22nd March Viktor Matyas, TBA
19th April Matas Mackevicius, TBA
26th April Horia Nicolaescu, TBA

*Subject to change.