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Liverpool, March 29 - 30 2007

Liverpool and the IPPP are pleased to announce the UK BSM 2007 workshop. This is the first meeting which, it is proposed, will take place annually to bring the UK BSM community together to exchange news, ideas and opinions, and to showcase our work. The meeting will also provide a forum for postgraduate students to present their own work, and to be exposed to the latest developments in the field. The meeting will run over two days and this year will be held in Liverpool's Theoretical Physics lecture theatre with participants being accommodated in the Adelphi Hotel. Travel and subsistence costs of UK participants will be provided by the IPPP.

The meeting will take place in room G16 in the Theoretical Physics wing of the Mathematical Sciences Department at The University of Liverpool. For travel directions please follow: How to reach us?

  Steven Abel (IPPP)
Alon Faraggi (LIverpool)
Jean Settle (Liverpool)
Thomas Teubner (Liverpool)
Linda Wilkinson (IPPP)