John Gracey

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Undergraduate teaching

  • MATH224 Introduction to the Methods of Applied Mathematics

    Some publications

    `Computation of the three loop beta-function for the O(N) Gross Neveu model in minimal subtraction' Nucl Phys B367 (1991) 657

    `Anomalous dimension of non-singlet Wilson operators at O(1/Nf) in deep inelastic scattering' Phys Lett B322 (1994) 141, hep-ph/9401214

    `The QCD beta-function at O(1/Nf)' Phys Lett B373 (1996) 178, hep-ph/9602214

    `Beyond the triangle and uniqueness relations: non-zeta counterterms at large N from postive knots' with DJ Broadhurst & D Kreimer, Z Phys C75 (1997) 559, hep-th/9607174

    `Determination of the anomalous dimension of gluonic operators in deep inelastic scattering at O(1/Nf)' with JF Bennett, Nucl Phys B517 (1998) 569, hep-ph/9710364

    `Non-zeta knots in the renormalization of the Wess-Zumino model?' with PM Ferreira, Phys Lett B424 (1998) 85, hep-th/9712140

    `Computation of perturbative renormalization group functions - the large Nf algorithm' in Thematic Issue on ``Computer Algebra in Physics Research'', Comput Phys Comm 115 (1998) 113

    `Computation of quark mass anomalous dimension at O(1/Nf2 ) in quantum chromodynamics' with M Ciuchini, SE Derkachov and AN Manashov, Nucl Phys B579 (2000) 56, hep-ph/9912221

    `Three loop gauge beta-function for the most general single gauge-coupling theory' with AGM Pickering and DRT Jones, Phys Lett B510 (2001) 347, hep-ph/0104247

    `Three loop MSbar renormalization of the Curci-Ferrari model and the dimension two BRST invariant composite operator in QCD', Phys Lett B552 (2003) 101, hep-th/0211144

    `Three loop anomalous dimension of the second moment of the transversity operator in the MSbar and RI' schemes', Nucl Phys B667 (2003) 242, hep-ph/0306163

    `Two loop effective potential for < A2mu > in the Landau gauge in quantum chromodynamics' with RE Browne, JHEP 0311 (2003) 029, hep-th/0306200

    `Renormalizability of the local composite operator A2mu in linear covariant gauges' with D Dudal, H Verschelde, VER Lemes, MS Sarandy and RF Sobreiro, Phys Lett B574 (2003) 325, hep-th/0308181

    `Three loop MSbar renormalization of QCD in the maximal abelian gauge', JHEP 0504 (2005) 012, hep-th/0504051

    `Two loop correction to the Gribov mass gap equation in Landau gauge QCD', Phys Lett B632 (2006) 282, hep-ph/0504051

    `Three loop MSbar transversity operator anomalous dimensions for fixed moment n =< 8', Phys Lett B643 (2006) 374, hep-ph/0611071

    `Four loop MSbar mass anomalous dimension in the Gross-Neveu model' Nucl Phys B in press, arxiv:0804.1241v1 [hep-th], Nucl Phys B802 (2008) 330

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